Deliverables & Evaluation

The teams participating in the competition will submit the following three deliverables.

  1. A short project report describing key design decisions and considerations.

  2. A short video presentation to highlight the team and its designs to the public and the judges.

  3. Technical designs that will be used by the organizers to operate the simulated robot during various ethically salient scenarios.

Each team will submit their deliverables to the competition organizers by August 1st, 2021 (23:59, AoE).

Details about how to submit the report, video, and code can be found on the Submission Guidelines page.

Project Report

In order for the judges to better understand the design and strategic decisions that went into the final version of the robot, the teams are requested to submit a short written project report. Judges will review the reports along with the video presentation and the results of the technical design submitted by the team.

  • Teams are required to include a written project description (2~4 pages).

  • Teams are responsible for the formatting and appearance of their Project Reports. Figures and tables must be in digital format. We recommend that teams use image files with a minimum dpi of 150.

  • Papers should be single-spaced and single-column. Please use fonts common to Macintosh and PC platforms, i.e., Times, Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial for text; Symbol for mathematical symbols and Greek letters.

  • Font size should be either 11 or 12 pt.

  • The paper should consist of the following sections:

Presentation to the judges

Selected teams (up to 4) are invited to present their technical solutions and highlight their designs to the judges and the attendees on the Evaluation Day (August 8th, 2021). See Important Dates for the announcement of the selected teams, and the Evaluation Day for what to expect on the Evaluation Day.


Teams will submit all code files required to reproduce their robot designs. Because these files will be used to test the robot during judging, teams must make sure the submitted code runs without errors. Exact code submission details are provided on the Submission Guidelines page.