Submission Guidelines

Due to the tight timeline of the competition, no revisions can be accepted after the submission deadline. So please review your files carefully before submitting them. If there are any technical problems with the content of your files (for example, your file was corrupted), we will try to contact you immediately with the team contact information you provide us. The submission form will close promptly on August 1st at 23:59 (AoE).

1. Project report (a single .PDF file)

Please email your project report as a single .PDF file to Jimin Rhim ( Upon receiving your email, we will check to make sure that we’ve also received your video and code submissions and acknowledge it via email.

2. Video presentation (a single .mp4 file)

Please send us a 5-minute video (.mp4 format) highlighting key features of your team’s design. We will post your video submission on YouTube and on our website such that both our panel of judges and the public can watch them to evaluate your team’s submission. To send us your video, please follow the file upload instructions below.

3. Code

There are two ways to submit your code to us.

(1) File upload: For those of you who do not or prefer not to use Github, please send us a single .zip file containing your code using the file upload instructions below. The steps for extracting your notebook are outlined here.

(2) Github: For those of you already familiar with and prefer to use Github, we recommend you to fork the competition repository and push your solutions to your fork. Detailed steps to do so are outlined below. Please send us a link to the fork, so that we can match the fork we see on Github with your team.

Code Submission via File Upload

Please send us an email ( to let us know the first and last name and email address of the corresponding member of your team. Using the information, we will send a link for you to upload your files through a system called Sendit. If we don’t receive an email from you by July 30th, we will assume that the first member you’ve listed on the registration form is the corresponding member.

Code Submissions via Github:

  1. Create a github account if you don’t have one already, and log in. In the screenshot below you see the repository page for the roboethics_competition (it should say RAISE-Lab/roboethics_competition at the top).

2. Click on the "Fork" button at the top right. This will create a copy of the repo in your github account. The second screenshot shows what the user alexswerner’s fork looks like (it should say <username>/roboethics_competition).

3. Now get the https URL of the repository (see the screenshot in Step 2). Copy this URL.

4. Go to the shell into the docker and cd to the path: /competition_ws/src/roboethics_competition and run the command "git remote add my_fork COPIED_URL_HERE". Commit your changes to the repo (git commit, git add).

5. Now push the commits to your fork by using "git push my_fork".