Do I need to code to be able to participate?

No, there are many ways to contribute that do not require programming skills. Specifically, the Ethics Challenge Proposal stream of the competition will not require any programming, and will be a significant portion of the evaluation.

What languages / frameworks will the hackathon use?

The robots will be implemented in Processing--a sketching library and language based on Java. If you know Java or any other object oriented language with strict typing such as C# or C++, it should be very easy to pick up!

What is the specific programming task that the hackathon team will do?

The hackathon team will be given a scenario, along with a list of interactable objects, agents (e.g. humans), and environment (e.g. apartment). They will be asked to program a virtual robot in Processing that can bring objects to agents or places. However, some fetch requests may have ethical challenges. The hackathon team can choose to implement a solution from the Proposal team to address this ethics issue. The specific settings will be given to hackathon teams in the week preceding ICRA 2022.

What is the timeline of events?

This can be found on the timeline section of the home page.