Submitted Proposals

We have 5 proposal submissions this year! Kudos to the participants! 

You can find each submission in the following links:

Ivan K. Serwano

PhD Philosophy.

University of York

Cristina Getson, PhD Student

Michael Pham-Hung, Masters Student

Autonomous Systems and Biomechatronics Lab

University of Toronto, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Paige Tuttösí (PhD Candidate) 

Zhitian Zhang (PhD Candidate) 

Emma Hughson (MSc)

Supervisor: Dr. Angelica Lim

Simon Fraser University

Saumya Chandrashekar Suvarna

Masters in Computer and Information Science

University of Pennsylvania

Sachin Pullil (Graduate Student at University of Pennsylvania)

Zeeshan Ul Islam (Graduate Student at University of Pennsylvania)

Shiksha Sabharwal (Incoming Graduate Student at Columbia University)

Aditya Chebbi (Graduate student at Cranfield School of Management)